Friday, May 9, 2008

More GROSS Things

Yesterday I told you some thing that I found gross on a global scale. Today I would like to share (overshare?) some weird things I think are gross on a personal level.

Dried Mud on My Fingers - If I am working in the mud and mud gets on my hands it's no big, but if that mud dries and then I accidentally rub my fingers together, EEEEWWW! I get chills just thinking about it.

During the scene in Ghost where Demi Moore and Patrick Swazi are making the clay pot together and then they begin rubbing there hands all other each other, without washing the mud off. And you know by the time they are done at least some of that mud will be dried and then he might touch her again and the sound of dried mud scraping against dried mud. (Silent GASP) Can you feel my horror!??

The Sound of Styrofoam rubbing on Styrofoam - If you have ever bought a cheap Styrofoam cooler, there is a squeak when you place the lid on tightly. (squirming just imagining it.)

The Smell of Wintergreen - It is everywhere, Ben-Gay and worse Wint-O- Green Lifesavers. The smell reminds me of the smell of Pepto-Bismal. My mom believed Pepto-Bismal cured everything, so if we were feeling sick she gave us a spoonful of that pink smelly stuff. At which point I would usually upchuck it, almost immediately, once in the kitchen sink (I know TMI). To this day that smell brings about an involuntary gag reflex.

Sunday at church they were giving Wint-O-Green Lifesavers to all the children (attached to a card that probably said something profound, how do I know I ran from them) and I spent the morning moving to pockets of fresh air as I could find them.

Okay now your turn, I know you all have some weird and unusual things that gross you out--Fess Up!!


Bina said...

Okay, I have to admit, those are VERY strange things that gross you out.

Let's see. Cleaning up cat barf is probably my wrose gross thing.

Watching that commercial where the lady grabs a RAW 1/2 chicken and starts wiping her counters and stuff? I actually gag if I don't turn away fast enough. Talk about disgusting!

Or watching someone eat a bug, on PURPOSE! I really want to throw up when that happens. I can almost imagine the squiggly feeling and crunch and guts in my mouth and .....


Jules said...

The UG factor is there for sure.
As for me..... dirt under the finger nails (Ewww.. I've even got the gross kinda feeling just typing it). And the corollary to that.... gardening without gloves.
And hair (other adults' - I can deal with mine) that I have to pull out of the sink and the bathtub. Gag. poowey, poowey, ptooey.

Damama T said...

There's not much that grosses me out. I guess the weirdest thing is that I can't.. as in CANNOT EVER EVER EVER allow pills to touch my tongue. I will gag and nearly barf every time. I have to put the water in my mouth and then drop the pill in and throw my head back and swallow it all at once. I if the pill touches my tongue, I start gagging and hacking like a cat with a fur ball! LOL!

Elizabeth said...

Y'all are cracking me up! All of the gross things are just making me laugh. I can't concentrate and think of anything I find gross. I'll just keep laughing at yours. R, the one about the Wint-o-greens at church has me crying from laughing so hard! You are a hoot!