Monday, January 28, 2008

First Rock Concert

My first rock concert I ever attended was Gary Wright (Dream Weaver), Manfred Mann (Blinded by the Light) and Robert Plant (Robert Plant who? We were young, what can I say. He was the opening act) My friend's mom dropped us off and picked us up. I think it cost fifteen dollars (discuss amongst you how old I must be)

It's a new generation, and I was excited to bring my two young boys to their first concert ever.

We had to wait in line because it was general seating.

We were worried that we wouldn't find seats.

Luckily we got some great seats techinically behind the stage.

Great seats until the pyrotechnics!

So we left our seats and explored the arena.
We bought a cd and stood in line to get it autographed.

A major milestone for their babybook, don't you think?


Cheri and Jesse said...

Who did you see?? Did they like it?

Anonymous said...

Hey, didn't know you had a blog til Cheri told me yesterday. Way cool, didn't know I had such a talented sister. Ha!Ha! Chris

Melissa said...

Am I to take it you saw Skillet? If so, their music is great!

Robin said...

We saw Skillet, there were other bands but that was the boys favorite (that they saw anyway). I had never heard of them but I really enjoyed their music.

Kathryn said...

Robin, I remember when concerts were $5 bucks in the gym at the University of Florida, when the whole world seemed to smoke pot and the police walked through the aisles knocking pipes out of people's hands.

Apparently, I am now a golden oldie. My first concert was Yes.

My husband knew who Skillet was...but he's an old rocker from way back, too....a drummer.

Robin said...

The best concert I saw in high school was Styx, even if the girl sitting behind me, threw up all over my coat. (yuck)

My middle boy is a drummer too, with dreams of being in a rock band. Right now he plays in his youth group's band (and sixth grade concert band).