Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Coats, coats, coats

What is it with my family and coats? We lose more coats. Somewhere there are lost and found boxes full of our coats and jackets.

But it gets even weirder, it is like there is this balance in the universe and for every coat we lose, another pops up in its place. BUT the substitute coat will NOT fit anyone that lives here, and here's the creepy part - Noone knows how the substitute coats have gotten here.

After asking about one particular coat, a women's Eddie Bauer winter coat (I am the only female in the house, it is NOT mine), my oldest sons thinks maybe it belongs to a girlfriend he had two girlfriends ago. The break up was not pretty.

So here's the question- Can I donate the coat to charity guilt free or must I feel guilt when donating it?


Kathryn said...

I vote for donate and thus create better vibes all around!

Michelle O'Neil said...

No guilt. Sick of guilt. Guilt sucks.

(Thanks for stopping by my blog today)!