Thursday, January 17, 2008

What kind of mother allows her child wear that on a day like today?

My son this morning on his way to school this morning.

The temperature today ----

Light Drizzle Fog/Mist and Breezy 35°F(2°C)

I am that mother. Before you report me, let me tell what you see here is the result of complex problem solving skills. This is a child led solution to several problems including sensory issues with pants and socks, and having to change clothes for middle school PE. Note: this boy has played soccer for seven years in the cold while wearing shorts and is so rarely sick that I think it might be good policy for all of us to wear shorts in winter.


Rebecca said...

haha - my brother used to wear shorts in the winter and sweatshirts throughout the whole summer!

Bina said...

Don't feel to weird about it. My friends son is 10 and LOVES to wear shorts, no matter the temp, and my step-son, 16, wore shorts to school the other day when it was 37. He said he isn't outside long enough to get cold.

Alrighty then!