Thursday, March 19, 2009

What did I eat in Haiti?

If you have been reading my blog for any time at all, you will know that I am all about the food. Also you know that I am a big dork that takes pictures of food.

We were told before we left for Haiti that where we should bring at least some of our own food, preferably dehydrated food like that sold for backpackers. We were pleasantly surprised to see that the house had a real kitchen that we would all gather for at dinner time.

Here is a picture of our first dinner in Haiti. The tennis racket looking thing is an electric mosquito zapper, it was lots of fun to zap bugs with.

Our dinner that night and for several nights that week was cooked by Nancy, a woman that lived on the property with her husband. The two of them help take care of the house. We had Rice and Beans and Some kind of stewed vegetables. Jamie brought with her some homemade brownies that were to die for.

For every meal you have to choice to drink, water or beer. Water is bought from these small places along the street that make clean water by using reverse osmosis. The water is really clean and good, and the beer is not bad either.

On Friday night, we went to a Haiti Barbecue. We drove through a police roadblock up a street to a large gate. A man opened the gate and as we drove up there was a small outdoor restaurant.

You walked by the grill and ordered your meal, two choices- beef or chicken -- then you went to your table and a waitress brought you soda or beer to drink.

The meat was served with fried plantains, some other fried starchy vegetable and of course, rice and beans.

If we were at the plant during lunch time a woman would bring us each a plate of food. It was generally (can you guess) rice and beans sometimes topped with a bit of fish or one time with pasta and sauce.

If we were at the house during lunch, which we were for several days while the solar dryer was being built, we made our own lunch. One day we decided to eat the Army servings that Cory, one of my fellow travelers brought with him. I mixed the Mexican corn with the Chili, but it looked a bit gray, so I added some chili powder that I found in the pantry. Note to self: check spiciness of unknown chili powder before adding large amounts. Oh my it was so hot, we almost cried (but we ate all of it.)
The only meal I did not enjoy was unfortunately one meal that Nancy made to be special for us. This is what we found on the table one night at dinner time. It was not my favorite.



Carrie Wilson Link said...


Anonymous said...

Forget the eyes. How did it taste?

Mr Geek

Cheri and Jesse said...

I think I threw up a little in my mouth just looking at the last picture. BLAH!!!

Elizabeth said...

Gag. Did you actually eat it to be nice? Or did you say heck no?

Robin said...

Thankfully it was left in the kitchen for us to eat, so I didn't have to say "No thank you" directly. I would have felt very bad, she had worked so hard to make us something special. I just stuck with the line, "I don't eat fish, but thank you."

Damama T said...

I refuse to eat anything that is looking at me. UUGH! the rest of it doesn't sound bad, though. I was afraid you'd say they'd fed you fried bugs of some sort. Although they are good sources of lots of nutritious stuff, I'm not sure I could swallow them, either, eyeballs or not!

T & T Livesay said...

The sardine thing is sick. Our friend and nanny that lives with us makes them occasionally and the smell clears us out of the house. Rice and beans are a favorite though --- we think she makes them better than anyone else.