Friday, March 13, 2009

A Solar Peanut Dryer

We have all the material for the solar peanut dryer and the cabinet and solar collector are almost finished. Tomorrow we hope to take some temperature measurements and make the drawers. Everyone is so excited, especially Eddie who is the Boss construction guy and also lives on the property. His wife has cooked supper for us all week and keeps up the laundry. I met their two children today, a boy and a girl. I showed them pictures on my camera of my sons, then I took a picture of them so they could see themselves. They really enjoyed looking at the pictures of Six Flags Fright Fest.

The dryer was built using drawings, two people translating for us at various times in French and Creole and using what we have termed as Engineering Charades. There were times I had some doubts, but voila, it looks bon. Merci, Eddie.

Before I had left home, the Middle Geek had found a stuffed animal (a mini beanie baby rhino) for me to bring and a pack of Fruit Snack that he wrote his name on. He wanted to send more but I told him I was at my weigh limit. (I was exactly 50 pounds at the StL airport and 51 pounds at Ft. Lauderdale.) I gave the toy to the little girl and the Fruit Snacks to the boy. He was very polite and shared them with his sister. I know Middle Geek will be happy I found someone to give them to.

I know some of you are wondering, "What about the Charcoal Briquettes?" Do not worry, we are on it. The basket concept that we discussed with the Boss from the Trade School is exciting BUT unfortunely will not be finished until Monday - the day we leave! I am determined to make briquettes here in Haiti! We went looking for nesting cans like the ones Mr. Geek and I used at home. Many people buy powdered milk in about a gallon can, so we began to ask the workers at the factory if they had an empty milk can. One man said, Oui, so he left to get it. I decide I should shell his peanuts while he was gone (they were seed peanuts and had to be shelled by hand so they would not be damaged). So now I have my nesting can, I hammered many holes into the smaller one with a nail. Tomorrow there will be fire!! Wish me luck.

Tonight is Friday so we are going to a Barbeque! I have been told it is delicious. I can not wait! I have eaten too many energy bars and fish!!

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Mean Mom said...

Wish I was clever! I can't help but wonder what you had to eat at the barbecue. Hope that you had a good time.