Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Three Stages of Accepting a Snake

Denial - There is NO WAY he is going to put that snake on me!
Anger - I am outta here!

Acceptance - Please tell me when it is over.


Cheri and Jesse said...

That poor, poor woman! I want to cry for her!!!

Elizabeth said...

Since I know exactly who that is, I got a chuckle out of it. :) I love that her son is on the side smiling!

Stacy Quarty said...

I don't think I could let it go as far as stage 3. I'd threaten to kill the snake.

Robin said...

Cheri, the snake wasn't the worst thing that he had. He had alligators, tarantulas and COCKROACHES!!!

Mean Mom said...

I did once allow a tarantula to crawl up my arm and I was going to mention it on my blog, but I've lost the photo!! How annoying is that?

I only touched the snake, though. I didn't fancy the snake's head close to mine!

Incidentally, I still don't like small spiders, because they scuttle. If the tarantula had scuttled, it would have frightened me, but it was slow and gentle.

Jaime Salas said...

Isn't that the reptile guy! Captured that moment perfectly. Yuck.