Friday, March 6, 2009

Morning Questions (contiunued) and a Funny Story

The question from Middle Geek yesterday, "What is pornography?"

I assume after reading my post yesterday you all realize that I have no idea how to answer deep thoughtful questions, but I looked around and I was the only adult in the room. I figured it was up to me. I decided to go with the basics.

Pornography is when you take picture of men and women naked and sometimes pictures of them having sex. (Oh my I just realized that my blog is going to be found when people search for you know what. Well, Hello fellas.)

Luckily that was all the Middle Geek could handle. "Yuck!", he said. Then he thought, "On TV they were talking about children pornography."

"What is wrong with some people." I thought.

"Well that is the worst thing ever," I told him, "To do something so inappropriate with a child is horrible and to take pictures...." Okay I had no words for that.

There, surely you all will be able to come up with something better when the questions arise.

Now for a funny story (yea! that last subject was depressing)

The Littlest Geek and I were in the car and he was enjoying some gum that I had just bought him. He was reading the label (yes everyone in my family reads labels) and he said:

LG:"Yuck, this gum has beeswax in it!"

AbFab:"Oh really, I like beeswax."

LG:"I didn't even know that bees had ears."

That kid cracks be up!


Cheri and Jesse said...

That is hilarious!! I can't wait to ask him about beeswax.

And good answer on the porn thing!

Maggie May said...

I think you did very well with the first topic and the bees ear wax was smashing!

chris said...

Only Josh would think of something like that, but he sure gave me a laught this morning.