Thursday, March 12, 2009


I still can't uplaod picture but I wish I could show you how our peanut dryer is coming along. I hope we can get some drawers made and the solar collector done tomorrow. The plexiglas was found, but it was very expensive. We also found out that even the English speakers did not know the word Plexiglass, instead we found plastic glass works better. At least I hope so, we haven't seen the material yet.

Today we went to a Trade School. We went to delivery some equipment parts to be repaired by their metal shop. The teacher there was very happy to learn someone in our group was a Mechanical Engineer (Jaime). He gave her a copy of the text book he has written, it was the first book in the series and is an introduction to drafting. I gave him all of the safety glasses that I had with me at the time, about five pairs. While we were talking, I had watched several students using the metal lathe without safety glasses, all leaning in to be able to really watch. Of course as we entered the building we passed a guy welding with no eye protection at all.

The trade school is part of a larger education complex. It was very strange to step around garbage, past the man welding and into a very clean metal shop classroom, full of all the tools I remember from shop class and work, lathes, drill presses, etc. It was only after talking to the Boss (a term of respect) that I realized it was like walking back in time to when I WAS in high school. For example there were not computers or computerized equipment anywhere. In the textbook, they were teaching drafting by hand for example, how to draw a pentagon using a compass. The teacher (boss) explained that some of his student had gone on to become engineers and some were tradesmen working in the oil industry.

While we were there we discussed fabricating a burn barrel that we can use to make peanut shells, like we did in Mr. Geek's and mine experiment . I am so excited that we have been able try so much. I know that may not sound like much, but we were completely unsure what this week could bring. I only hope that the second part of the trip we can finish what we have started.

Well today was not as long as yesterday, but we try to fit in as much as possible and I have been sleeping really good at night. Apparently last night I slept through a large feral dog fight not too far from our window, so I will quit for tonight.

(Also I can't get spell check to work- it took me forever to get Google not in French -- so so if there are any typos.)


Cheri and Jesse said...

Robin, no worries about spell check. Looked great! I hope that everything you are trying to do works. It will mean so much.

Aunt Sally said...

Everything looks great and it sounds like you will make a difference over there. We love you and miss you.

Mean Mom said...

Welding without eye protection!! It doesn't bear thinking about.

I'm glad that you are making progress and I hope that there are no more dog fights!