Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Solar Peanut Dryer

I have so much to share about my week in Haiti, but I have to jump right back into my regular life this week. I have so much to talk about and show all of you, and I will really, really soon.

Until then, here is the final picture we have of our Solar Peanut Dryer. You can see it is almost finished, it just needs a roof and some screening. (We were SO close to seeing it finished, we snapped this picture right before we jumped in the truck to go to the airport.)

The air flows through the solar collector on the front of the cabinet. The hot dry air then rises through the peanuts which are on shelves in the cabinet and out of a vent at the top.

If all went well, there should be peanuts in there today. I wish I could be there!


Mean Mom said...

I can hardly believe how busy you've been in the last few days. Congratulations on achievements!

Cheri and Jesse said...

You should be REALLY proud of yourself. Can't wait to get together and hear everything. Can we now schedule that ME and YOU lunch so we can catch up on the past few months! =)

So glad you are back!!

And Happy 13th birthday, Jake!!!! Glad your mom is home to celebrate with you! Sorry that you couldn't spend the night Sunday, but Ian is still sick!

Aunt Sally said...

Robin, glad you are home we can all stop worrying. I can't wait to hear about your whole trip.

Bina said...

I can't wait to hear the stories and see the picture!!!!

chiang01 said...

Very cool, Robin!