Saturday, March 14, 2009

There will be fire!

(Did you enjoy the Pi song? I scheduled it before I left because I was not sure if I would be able to update my blog.)

We were able to make some charcoal briquettes today! Do you know what is French for Briquette --- Briquette! Yea, I learned another French word.

We had to enlarge the nail holes that I had made to get some air into the can. We found that you have to start with a small amount of peanut shell and then slowly add shells until you get a really hot fire. Even then you cannot add the shells too fast or the fire will be smothered. Our third batch is in now the kiln. We have made about four briquettes. We want to burn them tomorrow to see how cleanly they burn. Unfortunately I smell like burned peanuts (with a hint of DEET). Ewww.

The Solar collector on the Dryer was finished this morning and we were able to get some temperature and humidity readings when it was placed in the sun. It got up to 120 F and 10% Relative Humidity, compared to outdoor temps of 80 F and 60 RH. I hope we get the doors on the cabinet so we can get more data tomorrow. Several of the shelves are finished.

Well just a quick update, I must make Charcoal while the sun shines.

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