Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More from Haiti

I am trying to post pictures but the internet is slow. I am really happy to have the internet though because it is our only communication with the outside world. I have not seen any newpapers or television since we have arrived. The radio stations are all Creole or French (they sound very similar).

There are no phone lines here, so people use cell phones only. At the airport, there are people who will let you use their phone for a fee. (I am not sure how much it would cost.)

The roads are so chaotic that it hard to even describe how wild the car rides are. The main roads are mostly large holes, each car, truck, bike or motorcycle tries to pick the smoothest path- no matter what side of the road it is on!! Who ever gets there first wins and the others wait honking or drive into the hole and up the other side. Motorcyles weave in and out and pedestrians have to jump out of the way - even small children. If there is no room to park, cars pull up on the sidewalk. The public transportation consist of lots of van and truck and buses that people pay a fee and jump on. It is not uncommen to see people hanging from open doors on vans and from the back of trucks. On our first car ride we had at one time eight people, all our luggage, nine large water bottle, cameras and equipment etc all in one truck. Whew!

We have been very busy since we have arrived. Today we were up at 5:00am to take some of the people from the house (a film crew making a video for Meds and Food) back to the airport. In Haiti there is much hurry up and wait. We sat in the truck at the airport for several hours waiting to bring another traveler back to the house. Then we began shopping for the material to make our solar peanut dryer. We went to four stores which took several hours and still do not have all of the needed material. One of the materials we were not able to get on this shopping trip was caulk - just plain caulk. Plexiglass is also hard to find, although we are assured it can be found eventually. I hope someone can find it tomorrow.

I am going to post before any of this is lost, hopefully I can add pictures later.

You can read more about the trip at Jaime's Blog.


Cheri and Jesse said...

Sounds very much like Guatemala, Robin. Say a prayer every time before you get in a vehicle is my best advice. Glad you are able to blog. You can always add pictures when you are home. It is just great to hear from you!!! Take care!

Mean Mom said...

Glad you're OK. It's difficult to realise that we're all living on the same planet, sometimes. It's good that you've got the internet, even if it is slow.

Elizabeth said...

Good to hear from you.
I wish I could just blink and make some plexiglass appear for you. It's so accessible here!

Bina said...

This is so fascinating. I LOVE reading about this stuff!

Aunt Sally said...

I'm so glad to be able to hear from you and know you are okay. Keep letting us know that and do the pictures later. Be careful.