Monday, February 23, 2009

Write about something mean you did to a sibling growing up

I am writing this post to give hope to all those mothers whose children fight mercilessly. I want to give hope to mothers of children who look you straight in the eye and spit out, "I HATE my brother, I wish he was never born!"

Happy ending first - Here is a post I wrote for my brother on his last birthday. You see, we are friends now!

Did you go back and look at it. Did you see that maniacal look in his eye? Oh yes when we were growing up he was a mean, mean boy. Take my word for it, he made my life miserable and I HATED him. Oh yes I did and I would have told you whether you asked or not.

He would twist my arm behind my back and hold me on the ground until I said "Uncle" and then he would say, "Now say Aunt." Now do you feel my pain? So I began to plot how to get even.

Everyone "knew" that boys had a BIG weak spot. At least all the girls in my group said all you had to do was kick a boy "you know where" and you won. None of us had actually tried it, but we we had heard people talk and had seen it on television. I began to bide my time and look for an opening (so to speak) and one day when he was facing me at just the right angle, no doubt mocking me, I quickly shot out a very well placed kick. It connected with a solid, somewhat eerie, thud.

(We will pause here for a moment while my male readers regroup.)

Well his eyes crossed, his face collapsed completely inward. And I learned the feeling of absolute power.

"Bwahaha ha ha....ha......ha......

OMG what have I done, I may have killed him."

Okay he recovered, I am assuming completely, although we have never spoken of that day until now. And after that day whenever I went for the kick, I always paused just long enough so he could block and so that I would not hit the "target". (I am sorry to say to the mothers out there that we did continue to fight until he graduated from high school.)

Thanks MamaKat for your writing prompts, maybe someday I will actually get it posted on time.


CaJoh said...

All I can say is ouch. I do know I punched my older sister once for not listening to my parents. Sure hope you get along now that you're older.

Namine said...

OUCH!! Your nice for letting him adjust before you kicked him after that!! Glad I had a little brother now a older one!

Cheri and Jesse said...

We convinced Danny that bouillon cubes were candy and he ate them. Not quite as bad as trying to harm his tender for LIFE. lol

Cheri and Jesse said...

We convinced Danny that bouillon cubes were candy and he ate them. Not quite as bad as trying to harm his tender for LIFE. lol

Stacy Quarty said...

I love the subject of this post!

I put Elmer's glue in my sister's clean underwear that she had laid out on her bed with pjs, just before her bath.

"Mom! There's something in my but!" she screamed. My mother looked and looked, but couldn't find anything.

chris said...

I choose not to remember any mean things I did to my siblings, cause I'm sure I didn't do anything to them, but me & my sisters did do a mean thing to my husband, we made cinnamon ornaments & thought if we left them laying out when Denny got home he'd probably think it was a cookie & pop the whole thing in his mouth, well... he didn't let us down, He did it & almost gagged to death as we died laughing.

Mean Mom said...

I was an only child, so my 3 lads terrified me, when they were younger, because they were sometimes horrible to each other and fought.

I have stood between the eldest 2, on a couple of occasions, in recent years, to stop them 'having a go' at each other and they are now 23 and 25. Over the last 12 months or so they seem to be getting on a lot better, though. About time!

Did your brother ever twist your arm again after you kicked him?? ;0)