Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Engineer Week!!!

Surely you all had this on your calender!

In honor of Engineer's Week I am reposting this list from last year....

Top Ten Reasons Why Engineers are the Most Important People in the World
(They are too and I can prove it.)

1. Sanitary Sewers - Maybe you can remember outhouses and ditches for sanitary waste. If that memory is not gross enough, consider open ditches in the cities flowing with bodily fluids. Makes you want to hug an engineer right now huh?

2. Clean drinking water, in your house right now. Even if the water in your house is not as pure as you would like, compare that to traveling to town, pumping a gallon of water, carrying it back home, boiling and filtering the water to make it “mostly” safe to drink

3. Clothes, a lot of clothes. We may think living in Little House on the Prairie is romantic, but how many of us want to return to owning only two articles of clothing, one for everyday, one for nice occasions? Engineers have been instrumental in industries that allow clothes to be made cheaply enough that most of us own a closetful.

4. Central Heating or Air Conditioning. Depending on your weather outside, this needs no further explanation.

5. Music. While music is based on math, engineers really can't take credit for it BUT engineers deserve credit for making music available on demand, starting with Thomas Edison’s phonograph and ending so far with your IPOD.

6. Food. Okay again engineers can’t take credit for food, but think to yourself, “How much of the food that I ate yesterday, did I grow myself?” You can be sure that engineers have been involved in the irrigation, farming, harvesting and most importantly the shipping of this food to you. Ask yourself, on what kind of plant do Coco Puffs grow? Yes this is an engineered food that you may love or feel is the cause of the decline of civilization, I am sorry I can’t be responsible for engineers.

7. Bridges. This is something that engineers do routinely get credit for. However it takes a horrible tragedy like the bridge disaster in Minnesota, for people to realize the work and expertise needed to design and build a safe bridge.

8. Books. From the first printing presses to cheap paperback Harlequin romances to electronic books, engineers have made it possible for the printed word to be accessible to almost everyone.

9. Communication. We have come a long, long way from pony express to instant messaging all over the globe. Who do you thank? Engineers. Who do you blame when your boss can find you 24/7? Computer scientists and Physicists.

10. Sex. Hah, now I have your attention. Engineers have brought about the necessary items for both safe sex (i.e. condoms) and for adventurous sex (i.e. Ask someone else).


Cheri and Jesse said...

WOW!! I didn't know that I had you and Uncle Kevin to thank for everything!!! lol

Elizabeth said...

They make great lovers too. :)

Mean Mom said...

I knew that! I knew that! Or at least I would have done if I'd ever sat down and had a really good think about everything.

No, seriously now, I have watched quite a lot of documentaries about the Victorians, for example, and about 'how things are made', in general. I've had a thing about bridges for a long time and have immense admiration for engineers. Honest!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

You got my attention with the books, and had me LOL-ing with the (Ask someone else) at the end!