Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where is Mr. Geek?

This time it is Mr. Geek's turn for and adventure. Today he is riding with Phil Koeghan from The Amazing Race! Seriously! Go to then click on -Where is Phil Now - That is where Mr. Geek is!!

He met Phil last night and I will post pictures as soon as he gets back.

We have been planning this adventure for awhile. We are both huge Amazing Race fans and when we saw that Phil was planning this ride, well you can imagine the excitement. (Well try to imagine it anyway.) I mean meeting Phil and his dad combined with bike riding, well that is a Perfect Storm for Mr. Geek (in a good way of course).

I was unable to join him because I have my last class this evening. So we worked for days on now to get Mr. Geek to Phil and also how to get him back home. The goal was to be able to ride with Phil for one entire leg - about 100 miles. So when he ends his ride he will be 100 miles from the start and his truck. So we began matching Phil's route to Amtrack, hoping to ride the train back to the beginning. This was not as easy as you might think, or maybe this was not as impossible as you might think depending on your view of Amtrack.

So yesterday, Mr. Geek drove to an Amtrack station in the middle of Illinois. He then rode his bike to the next stop on Phil's route. He stayed overnight in a motel - THE SAME ONE AS PHIL AND CREW!! And today, he is on his was to Chicago.

I really hope he can get through Chicago to the train station and back. But that is why it is called an adventure, right?

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Elizabeth said...

Oh, Mr. Geek is sooooo cool! I love the Amazing Race, and that's awesome that Mr. Geek got to ride with Phil.

Ever since last season when Phil's dad was on one of the legs, every time a contestant gets to a pit stop now, Dan spouts out, "Hi. I'm Phil's dad" with his fake Phil's Dad accent. It's funnier in person that it is in this comment, I promise. :)