Monday, April 13, 2009

How I met Mr. Geek

I thought I would take a trip in the Way-Back machine. Elizabeth started it a while back, when she decided to write a series of how she and her husband met and challenged me to do the same. (Okay, it was less of a challenge and more of a polite, Of course I would LOVE to hear how you and Mr. Geek met, but here it is anyway.) Mr. Geek's and my meeting was not very romantic, but the story amuses us so maybe you will enjoy it also.

Let me set the stage. I was a sophomore in college. My college was a relatively small, highly technical college, and most of the students majored in engineering, computer science or something similar. So now you are probably picturing a place full of geeks and very few women, you are? Good. Well if you have read my profile you know that in this environment, even I can look somewhat cool. And folks let me tell you, my sophomore year I was the coolest I might ever be, and I can say for sure that I was at the top of my most obnoxiousness. In short, my friends and I were having FUN and no one or nothing was getting in our way, unless we decided to use them for our amusement. (Pause while I savor that moment.)

So it was Friday afternoon and getting an engineering degree is hard, hard I tell you, so at the end of the week, it was time for these geeks to relax. And our favorite place for relaxing was a seedy dive called 209. 209 was a bar in a basement of an ancient building, they had cheap draft beer, awesome (and cheap) cheeseburgers, a big jar of pickled eggs on the bar and the best beer drinking music on the Jukebox - Drop Kick me Jesus Through the GoalPosts of Life, and of course , I Like Beer (it makes me a jolly good fellow).

By late afternoon, the place was jam packed and beer and conversations were spilling everywhere. (No this isn't where AbFab and Mr. Geek met- wait for it.) This afternoon another geek (we will call him Unnamed Boy for his own protection) spotted a possible female conquest and moved in with his line, "Would you like to come to my fraternity for dinner tonight?" It was not terribly original, but in college an offer of free food is always difficult to turn down. However the female geek (no, not me) was not terribly impressed by the guy, so she blew him off saying, "No thanks, I am here with my friends." To which the guy overcome with too much beer or maybe the thought of finding more that one girl on campus spoke the now famous words, "Well, why don't you bring them."

I am not terribly proud of this, but we gleefully started passing the word that Unnamed Boy had invited all of us to his fraternity for dinner. A free meal! So all of us paraded to the fraternity house, another good thing about this campus is that everything is within walking distance. And we walked into the kitchen much to the surprise of the rest of the fraternity there. We announced, "Unnamed Boy invited us for dinner and said we should mark up on him." (Mark up is a process where you put a tick mark next to your name for extra incidental charges and then they are added to your house bill at the end of the month.) Yum, we had spaghetti and garlic bread and when the guys asked want if we wanted koolaid or milk to drink, we called out, "BEER, we want beer." We were drunk on, ummmm, power.

After dinner we continued the party. The music was loud and I was talking to one cute boy. I hollered, "What's your name?" To which he replied, " unintelligible unintelligible blah blah, but they call me Shep." I was horrified, "Seriously? I had a dog named Shep! Maybe I don't really want to know how you got that nickname." My school was big on nicknames and most of them had stories behind them, I wasn't sure I wanted to hear about an adventure with a dog, acting like a dog, eating like a dog, etc. "No," he assured me, there was really no story, "It's just short for my name." I was skeptical and finally he had to find a piece of his homework to prove it to me.

And so kids, that is how AbFab and Mr. Geek met.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

I'm grinning ear-to-ear! LOVE this story!

Kalynne Pudner said...

Unnamed Boy DID come away from those tick marks with at least one of the girls, didn't he? I mean, there is such a thing as justice in Geekland...right?

(Oh, and Shep is such a romantic, manly name. But then, I think James Garner -- Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood is one of my favorite movies -- and not dogs.)

Maddy said...

That is a great yarn. I was not expecting Shep. Hope you managed to keep a straight [inebriated ] face?

Cheri and Jesse said...

I want to relive your college years with you. Sounds like a blast AND you came out of their with a degree!!! So jealous!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I LOVE me some Tom T. Hall!
I'm glad you followed my lead and wrote your own story. I was highly amused by it! I'd LOVE to see some old photos of it too!
I'll have to remember to call him Shep next time.

Robin said...

Kalynne, Justice can be cruel and sadly Unnamed Boy passed out somewhere and we partied without him.