Thursday, April 2, 2009

Middle Geek Update

The Geek Household has been so busy that I have not had time to post about some major mile stones in the life of the Middle Geek.

First - the Middle Geek is now officially Teen Geek!

We celebrated by going to his favorite restaurant - Buffalo Wild Wings. He ordered 12 Wings with Medium sauce and 6 wings Blazin'. I looked over and he had actually tears running down his face. You can tell from the picture that the tears were a good thing!

Later we had a big family party complete with cake. I found the bunny cake pan at the store with the Easter stuff and I made it pink because that is the Middle Geek's favorite color.

But wait, that was not all that occurred in the Middle Geek's life this month. He was also confirmed in our church, that means he moved from accepting faith because his parents tell him to believe to developing believe from within himself. While it isn't the end of a faith journey it really is a big step towards becoming an adult and I can't help but get misty eyed when I think of it.

Of course that meant two cakes!

We are so proud of our Middle Geek!!!


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Double congratulations!

Elizabeth said...

Well tell him congrats for us and that Jackson misses him! He will be AMAZED at Jackson the next time he sees him. (Speaking of which, when do y'all want to come hang out?)
Can't believe he's a teen geek now. And I love that his fave color is pink!
But best of all, that's MY FAVORITE RESTAURANT TOO! Tell him he has good taste. :) (Ha, that was punny!)

Anonymous said...

Middle Geek, Strike that Teen Geek, I'm so proud of you. So here's to your faith journey, and to your birthday.

Heaps of Love,

Mr Geek (aka Dad)

Cheri and Jesse said...

Congrats, Teen Geek!!

Damama T said...

Wow! Congratulations T/MG - Good things do come in twos! I hope that both of the journeys on which you are embarking will be smooth and filled with much joy and many new insights into this crazy world in which we live.