Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Winning Photo

After days of voting, the score seems to be just about even for the following pictures. It is interesting that those from the St. Louis area seem to favor the first photo below, and the out of town (and country) crowd prefer the second photo below.

Feel free to continue voting in the comments.

A Bend in the Sky
picture by Middle Geek

From a Distance
picture by the Littlest Geek


Villager said...

Happy WW! Everything looks different if you simply change your perspective...

I invite your blog readers to see how bi-partisanship could work if we simply had a common purpose.

peace, Villager

Daisy said...

Lovely photos!

PS: I've been to the "Big Peach" many times! :)

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign

Karen said...

What beautiful shots.

lagawan said...

the photo is simply amazing!!!!!

lagawan said...

the shot is perfect too

Maggie May said...

Brilliant photos. Second one appeals to me the most but both very good.