Monday, October 13, 2008

Just An Average Monday

I followed Kalynne to Derfwad Manor where everyone is playing "Just an Average Sunday or Monday." And I thought, Hey I want to play. So I am a bit late to a party that I really wasn't invited to... but hey --It's my blog!!

So here is my average Monday (Fall break is over, everyone is back in school, yippee!)

Here is an average Monday at the Geek Household.

Sometime before 5:30 (don't ask me, I am sound asleep): Mr. Geek wakes up and exercises (or tortures small animals- who knows at that time of the morning.)

5:30 My Alarm first sounds

6:00 I finally crawl out of bed, it is too, too dark to be up. I stumble into clothing. I go to the Middle Geek's bedroom and flip on his light. "Good Morning!" I continue down stairs where I (in no particular order) do the following:

Put in one load of Laundry

Empty the dishwasher

Microwave a cup of coffee

Drink Microwaved coffee

Put dishes that are in the sink into the emptied dishwasher

Make lunches for Middle and Littlest Geek

Pack lunch for me and Mr. Geek (we work together, I provide the catering)

Yell once more for the Middle Geek to get up

Look through book bags for papers that were supposed be me finished, signed etc.

Get out food for dinner (tonight, I think we will have the Saucy Lemonade Pork. I should go well with the Winter Squash I made.)

Pack backpacks

Get or watch Middle Geek eat breakfast

Look for shoes (oh if I could have back all the times in my life I have spent looking for shoes)

Remind MG to take vitamins, brush teeth and comb hair, reassure him that he will be able to find Health Class which has now replaced PE for the next month (oh the pain).

6: 51 Send MG out to the bus

Ah, Now I have 10-20 minutes all to myself. Sometimes I read the newspaper, sometimes I blog. Today I scrubbed two toilets.

7:05 The Littlest Geek comes down on his own. He gets breakfast, vitamins etc and is on the bus at 7:45.

7:45 Wii Yoga (day 90 groan )

8:30 Go to work. Look there is Mr. Geek. He is so happy to see me!

I know you are wondering--- What does AbFab do all day long at work (besides stare at Mr. Geek)?
Well most of my days I spend sitting here.

I know, you wish you were me.

And somedays, I get to get out of the office to do fun things,

Like hold this stick.

Most of the time I spend out of the office I am watching for snakes or hoping I don't stumble upon a dead body (strange things get washed up by a flooding river, oh yes they do.)

Today, I spent most of the morning swatting at hungry mosquitoes.

But I did get a chance to see some beautiful wild flowers.

And I made a new friend.

3:30 Go home. Unpack backpacks. Supervise snack to be sure it doesn't turn into dinner. Get LG started on homework, assist as needed. Work as much as possible from laptop in kitchen (not much).

Later --

Cook and eat dinner.

Put clothes in dryer, fold and put away clothes (Mr. Geek usually does this).

Wash dishes (also Mr. Geek's job).

Monday is the only day we do not have a scheduled event so I think I will go the Library and Grocery store.

9:00 Small Geeks must be in bed (it is the law). I will be watching Dancing With the Stars on DVR.


Mrs. G. said...

What fun. I love geeks! Dinner sounds great. I'll be over soon.

Kalynne Pudner said...

Yes, I want the recipe to the Saucy Lemonade Pork.

How lucky you are to be able to stare at your husband at work! Not so much the snakes or dead bodies, though.

Damama T said...

I was going to leave some really witty comment, but I'm so tired from reading that that all I can think about is going to take a nap!

Throme said...

Really? That's all you did that day? For shame.

Robin said...

Mrs. G - Thanks for letting me play, dinner WAS really good.

Kalynne - I feel like such a slacker after reading your day.

Damama - It is good to see you, I hope the hurricane damage is being repaired.

Throme (College Geek) - Let's compare days!

Michelle O'Neil said...

I do everything you do, but without that pesky 8 hour job thrown in. At the risk of sounding cliche' "How does she do it?"

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Microwaved coffee?



It's going to take me days to get over this.

Maggie May said...

Interesting to tail some one else in their day. So much more appealing than mine!

shepkh said...

Yup, microwaved coffee. However AbFab is treated to fresh ground coffee (french roast) and it is kept in a thermal carafe so it does not burn.

Mr. Geek