Friday, October 31, 2008

The African Children's Choir

We were all so excited to see the African Children's Choir in concert. This is the best picture I was able to take of the concert. Trust me the children have so much energy and joy and they are so much fun to watch. The church was packed with people enjoying the performance.

We were lucky also that we were able to be a host family for some of the members. I assumed that I would be host to boys (because that is all that I have at my house), but I was pleasantly surprised to have two young girls and their chaperon- also a young woman -- join us. That might be the only time in my house where the girls out number the boys.

After the concert we did not have much time to visit before bedtime. The girls were age 7 and 10 and were from Uganda. Their volunteer chaperon was just out of college and from Canada. We had a quick snack and everyone turned in.

Because our visitors were only staying until 9:30 the next day, I let the boys go to school late that day to have some time to visit.

Our music room was a big hit!

The Littlest Geek was ready to join the choir is they would have him.

The boys were excited to get a big breakfast on a weekday!

The kids were able to play outside for a bit that morning.

The girls were so busy playing that they did not get a chance to teach me some dance steps until we were in the parking lot at the bus. They were very polite and encouraging, my boys that were watching -- not so much.

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Elizabeth said...

I wish I had been able to go to the concert! I would have loved that. But I had to go get my henna tattoos instead. Glad it was a fun concert!