Saturday, October 25, 2008

Where is AbFab Geek?

This time it is not a fun game of travel. Instead of being somewhere fun, I am at home but I am having trouble getting to the internet (oh the horror!) My laptop is not broken, BUT it refuses to connect to the internet. The home desktop is still down due to an unfortunate boxing accident. (If a computer can't learn how to fight back it won't last in this house, after all it started the fight!!) I would have made an entry while I was at work (don't tell the boss) but the Middle Geek was off of school. I took him with me to work and I was luck to be able to get the minimum of real work completed before he was bouncing off the walls.

I am composing this on the College Geek's computer. Where is the College Geek? He is home for the weekend, yeah! He and his brothers and Mr. Geek are having a boys day out at Six Flags. At the last minute his ride home from college fell through. The plans for this weekend have been in place for LONG time so Mr. Geek drove down school to get him (4 hour round trip) It is good to have him home (and good to have his computer haha).

I am at home alone more than a little giddy at how quiet the house. I have cleaned out several rooms and now I am blogging on his computer and chatting with people on the College Geek's instant message board (Seriously you would think he would have turned that off.)

Hopefully College Geek will be able to fix my laptop. (I mean he is a Computer Geek also.)

So don't forget about me!! I will be back soon!


Mean Mom said...

Oh, no! Lots of my favourite bloggers are disappearing, for one reason or another! I hope that College Geek can fix your laptop. Come back soon!

Jules said...

So are you chatting to his friends as you....... or, ahem.......... is your adventurous and daring side popping up and are you him? Heh heh heh.

Heather said...

I love that feeling of having the house all to myself. But, suprisingly, I get lonely after a couple of hours.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Isn't time alone in your house the absolute BEST?

Robin said...

Mean Mom - Still no lap top, the College Geek did not come through for me (sob).

Jules - It is good to se you again. I have to confess I seriously considered posing as him, but decided I probably couldn't pull it off.

Heather - I had so much planned that I wanted to do, the time flew by.

Carrie - there is nothing better (except maybe a quiet beach vacation).