Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My "NEW" Office

For those of you that were worried about my office, I thought I would let you see it one week later.

Here's my new desk, and look someone has even started decorating.
Doesn't it look welcoming?

Not only is there a chair BUT there are THREE chairs!
After looking at the chair below I think this is the place that chairs go to die.


Tanya said...

Dead chairs, but you do have a window. That is really nice.

Maggie May said...

Everything looks clean & tidy! I'm sure if I had an office it wouldn't be like that!

Jules said...

Love the new space. Lucky you. Lots of room for... um... more chairs? Just kidding. It looks quite comfy.

Robin said...

Tanya - It would be nicer if the window looked outside. Instead it looks into another room LOL.

Maggie May - I have to be honest and tell you that this is an office I only spend a few hours a week at. Some day I 'll share what my main office looks like.

Jules - I share the office with a couple other engineer (we are usually not there at the same time) so it an be cozy. This is what it looks like when engineers decorate. That sounds like the beginning of a new reality show.

Cindy - Where's your comment?

Bina said...

Well, at least you don't spend ALL your time there. I think I would have a breakdown if I had to stare at a brick wall all day!

And I always wondered what happened to dead chairs.