Wednesday, February 6, 2008

More A Boy and His Horse

I would like to answer some questions from last Wednesday's Post.

WW means Wordless Wednesday

Yes, He really is that good of a horse.

And my son would like you to know, he does really know how to ride {wink}.


Cheri and Jesse said...

You crack me up!!! You have had a blog for what, two months........and you know "blog lingo". lol At first I thought it stood for Weight Watchers but that made absolutely NO sense!! Now I get it!!! That is why you are the engineer in the family!

Shelia said...

Well I'm impressed! I'm afraid to get within 10 feet of the horse!

Happy WW!

Bina said...

LOVE the pic of him standing on the horse. My mom has three at her house in WV. Rusty is an Arabian and my neice stands on and lays all over that horse and he never moves! But I think it's because he loves her that much, not that he is that great a horse! LOL