Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Movie Review

The Middle Geek and I spent the weekend home by ourselves. We decided to kick back and watch some PG-13 movies. I mean now that the Middle Geek is a teenager, he has been excited to see some of those (trashy) movies that all his friends are talking about. So we cooked up some chicken wings, got some popcorn and watched the best that RedBox had to offer.

I will let him review them.

Meet the Spartans was so awesome. But if you are a little kid you shouldn't see this because it says really really really bad words. If you are someone who likes comedy definitely watch this.

The best part is when "Britney Spears" was by the pit of death shaving her head saying, "Why do y'all think I'm so crazy?" Then she got kicked into the pit of death.

Next the American Idol judges come in to judge the kick and the main guy says, "Ryan Seacrest?" and Randy says, "I just didn't feel that kick dog." Paula goes, "You move me." and then collapses. Simon says, "I didn't really think that was your best kick. I thought a donkey could do better than that." The main guy says, go **** yourself!!!!!!!

and this movie never watch it, It is a horrible movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bina said...

I'll definitely have to see Meet The Spartans. Sounds like something I need right now, a GREAT comedy!

And you did a great job reviewing this movie!

Mean Mom said...

I haven't heard of Meet The Spartans, but it sounds like the sort of film my 3 sons might enjoy. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

You're a good mom. A REALLY good mom.

Maggie May said...

Never heard of the film but I think you are a great mum to snug up to the family with popcorn and chicken wings.

Anonymous said...

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