Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Creating a Life List

Phil Koeghan's Ride Across America was primarily to raise money and awareness for MS. It has been succeeding and has raised more than the original goal.

Phil has been sponsored by (and endorsing) GNC new Square Meals. It is an energy bar that can replace a meal. I have not tried that yet so I cannot review it.

Phil has also combined this ride with somewhat of a book signing tour for his book (and TV show) No Opportunity Wasted -- NOW.

I started a list of Things I wanted to do (from a Meme from Mean Mom back in December). It included:

Write a bucket list of thing to do before I die

Sing in a Gospel Choir (just once, I know I would be embarrassing)

Give a sermon (not to my children, a real sermon)

Stay in a hostel

Write a book

Take a culinary course

Be referred to as an expert by the local news

So guess what? We are beginning with the first item on the list. Phil's book is all about "learning how to live while you still have the chance" and "sharing experiences with other people you know and connecting with people you don't know." So I urge you find the book (or don't) but please join in on this discovery.

There are "Eight Great Themes" and I am going to try and explore each one and choose an activity to place on my LIST.

The first is Face your fear

Some of the possibilities (from the book) include:

Public speaking - Anyone that knows me, knows that this is not really a fear. In fact I love public speaking (odd I know) so let's move on.

Airplane Flight - Okay airplane take offs make me nervous and when I saw the itty bitty plane that I was going to fly across the ocean to Haiti, well I won't lie, I considered turning around. But I think I can say I faced that fear.

Snakes - I don't fear snakes so much - okay I don't adore them.

Heights - Now you are talking, I don't even like to look down when I am in the top tier at a stadium. My memories of the Grand Canyon makes my palms sweat.

So here's my first addition to my LIST.

Repel down a cliff.

There I added it.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Great list!

Cheri and Jesse said...

I'm a bit confused. Did you repel down a cliff?

Robin said...

Cheri - No. I am adding it to my bucket list. Maybe I will even get to it this summer.