Monday, May 4, 2009

More from Haiti

Before I traveled to Haiti, I searched and found lots of Blogs written by people living and working there. I find Blogs are the best way to get a feel for the place before a visit.

Since I have gotten back, I still read these Blog regularly. I am still trying to process much of what I experienced in my one week there. I am impressed and awed by the the tireless people who work and remain (mostly) optimistic.

Today I stumbled across a Blog that mentions Medika Mamba (peanut butter medicine) just as a footnote. I don't know if the Medika Mamba was made at the factory that we visited for sure, but these are the stories that keep the people that work there inspired.


Elizabeth said...

I'm sure it takes a while to process the experience you had! Write it down, if you can. I think that always helps me!

Bina said...

I still can't believe you even went to Haiti! I can't imagine how fun and satisfying that must have been for you.

Okay, the pool collapsed around 11:00 PM so I wouldn't have been able to get a video and I keep forgetting I can video with my camera! When he is building the new deck (he is still cutting up the wood from the old one and burning it) I'll keep my camera at the ready. but the stairs are still there for the one that fell and I don't know what that's about!