Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

I have lots of posts in the queue but I interrupt them for this important Mother's Day Essay.

I LOVE my Mom Because:

Well there's so many reasons that I can't name them all, but I will try to say as much as I can.

Mom I love you because you are nice to me, you love me. You help me with my troubles and you are nice to my friends. When a bully is hurting my feelings you say like "back off." You mean bully stop hurting my child's feelings or I'll call your parents and then the bully will be like "Oh no, please don't call my Daddy He will put me in the corner." There are 5,879 more reasons to go.....just joking! Well it is time to end this essay...Oh, and one last thing I love you Mom!

Love from,
The Littlest Geek


Cheri and Jesse said...

How cool is THAT!!!!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

LOVE it!

Bina said...

How sweet is he!!!!! You are so lucky. I would much prefer that than anything else from my kids.

Happy Mother's Day!

Mean Mom said...

Happy Mother's Day! Great tribute Littlest Geek! This is certainly a post to treasure.