Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Getting Lost (The Plan)

I have paused in my review of No Opportunity Wasted to expand on an idea that I formulated in the last post.

Go on a Quest

Not only is the book North to Freedom by Anne Holm, one of my favorites, but I was reading the book to College Geek when he was in grade school. We were reading in when the Littlest Geek joined our family, if you want read about that story go here .

Because of the book and its impact on me and the College Geek, we agreed to give the Littlest Geek the middle name of David. David is the central character in the book. The book is both an incredible adventure book as David escapes a forced work camp and travels through Italy north to Denmark. It is also a journey of self discovery and awakening of a mind and soul that has never been free.

Call out to the producers of No Opportunity Wasted - the television show .


The Littlest Geek, named for the main character is now the age of David in the book (or will be next summer, hint hint). How awesome would it be to travel David's route and see it through the eyes of a young boy.

Here's the itinerary.

David escaped from a camp north of Solonika (Greece). He mostly walked this route and snuck aboard a truck for some of the traveling. This would put him in an interment camp either in Bulgaria or Romania. Parts of some of these camps are still around and can be visited. Perhaps Lovech Bulgaria where we could take some hikes in the mountains and come to understand David's journey.

David walked to to the shipyards of Solonika where he stowed away on an Italian Cargo ship. He was discovered in the hold, but the man finding him did not have the heart to turn him in. He gave David a makeshift floatation devise and let him jump off the ship shortly be for the ship entered the port of Salerno, Italy.

I am still searching for a boat that would take us to Salerno. I think we probably shouldn't stow-away, even in the interest of accuracy.

In Salerno, David first saw a world that was not grey. He saw a beautiful world full of light and color and the pictures of Salerno are very beautiful. David began to appreciate how precious his freedom was. He began to explore the village during the daylight and tentatively talking to the people there. The Littlest Geek and I should spend some time meeting the local people and eating the local food.

From there David walked and hitched rides through Italy stopping in Naples, Perugia, Florence,
Bologna, Milan, and Como before crossing into Switzerland.

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After traveling through Switzerland and Germany, David finally enters Denmark. He travels to Strandvejen 758 Copenhagen. This is an actually address.

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We can visit Bellevue Theatre. Bellevue Theater is a theater on Strandvejen in Klampenborg north of Copenhagen, who visited annually by more than 100,000 visitors. Building are among the architect Arne Jacobsen's absolute masterpieces. In addition to the theater is the theater hosting and co-producer of a summer ballet, which annually ballet company created by Copenhagen International Ballet, headed by Alexander Kølpin.

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