Monday, December 15, 2008

Where has AbFab Been?

Oh My, there is so much I have wanted to tell you about my adventures during the last month!

Let's start with the game: Where was AbFab Geek?

First Clue: Here we are leaving. Note how low the sun was in the sky. And check out the psychedelic rug on the ceiling. Where could these women be going?

It must have been a long ride to include a game of Cover-All Bingo (which I lost).

This town decorates their cars with part of the cow, not just Cow Bells.

There was a piece of Blarney Stone there for Good Luck!

And we all got new sunglasses with plenty of BLING!


Cheri and Jesse said...

How cool are we in our sunglasses!!!

Damama T said...

WATCH OUT! CRAZY LADIES ON THE LOOSE! LOL! Looks like you were having a wonderful time. Now I have to go finish catching up so I'll figure out where you went. I'm assuming it was some sort of gambling trip what with the bingo and the Blarney stone!