Thursday, December 18, 2008

Did you Guess?

AbFab Geek was in Tunica.

Thirteen Things about my trip to Tunica Mississippi

Riding in a Charter bus can be –

1. Noisy – On the bus among many strangers, were my mom my two sisters, my Aunt Sally and my Niece, Cheri. Let me tell you, those women talk a lot – and loud.

2. Boring – We had a movie showing on the bus each way and my mom actually shushed us.

3. Stomach churning - The winds rocked the bus back and forth, back and forth and the ceiling was covered with carpeting that was a swirl of blue, purple and ..

4. Embarrassing - The bathroom door is challenging for some to lock, including some poor man I opened the door on. I thought I covered it really well becauseI ran back to my seat really quickly so he would not know who walked in on him. Why did this have to happen during the first hour of the adventure, oh why?

5. Fun – Perhaps you have met my family or a family like them, we can be our own entertainment and keep each other amused, heck, rolling in the aisles, for days. We also had tour guides that kept us busy with games and BINGO, and at one point a singing Bus Driver. No, the Singing Bus Driver was just weird!

6. If you are ever in Tunica, you will have to eat one or more of the Buffets (it may be the law for all I know.)

7. You can guarantee the following at each and every buffet – Fried Chicken, Chinese cooking, Mexican food, some sort of salad bar.

8. After a couple buffets, you can become part detective and seek out the hidden gems, Fresh strawberries, Eggs Benedict, Caramel Apples and some wonderful southern cooking (greens and sweet potatoes etc.) and surprisingly very good sausage and sour kraut.

9. It is far enough in the south that you can find – Grits for breakfast, Greens cooked with Bacon, Delicious Fried Chicken, and Sweet tea.

10. If you are under sixty, you will feel young at least until midnight when the younger crowd comes out.

11. Although the television news is from Memphis there are no Memphis newspapers, in fact although it is the closest metropolitan area, people in Tunica will deny this. We had one cashier tell us “Oh yeah, I live in Memphis.” And then look furtively around, like someone might overhear.

12. It is fun to hang around bored bartenders. One bartender made us delicious coffee drinks made with Bailey’s and topped with whipped cream. At another bar, a bartender was trying out several new drinks and shots and kept lining them up for me to try and review. (I think my palate became a bit less refined as time went on.)

13. The most fun of any Girls weekend is the time that we all get to spend together. The highlight was shopping in one Casino Gift shop, we bought my mom her Christmas present (We told her not to look.), my niece bought new shoes, and we all bought new Glamorous Sun Glasses.


Mean Mom said...

It must be good to have sisters! Sounds like you all had a lot of fun. Hanging around bartenders? Hmmm....

Cheri and Jesse said...

Robin, I never knew someone could run THAT fast on a bus. That poor, poor old man!!! I still about fall out of my chair laughing when I picture the look on your face!! Hey, you forgot to mention all the "cool" hairdo's on the bus.

Damama T said...

ONE OF THOSE LADIES IS YOUR MOTHER???? DAYUUUMMMM! You've got some good genes running in your veins, Ms. Geek!

It is so neat that you have a close family that you can have fun with. We aren't all so lucky.

So, did you win, lose, or break even? And what about the desserts at those buffets? They are usually pretty good... well, for me they are all I really care about! LOL!