Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Best Christmas Present Ever

The best Christmas present I ever received was a while back when College Geek was a Grade School Geek and Middle Geek was Baby Geek and the Littlest Geek was... well you are going to have to wait for it.

It was December 23 and I put College Geek on the bus for the last day of school before break. I had a million things to do before Christmas. But before I dove into my list of things to do I thought how about taking some time to pause and relax - the calm before the storm so to speak. I asked my neighbor (also at the bus stop) if she would like to come over for a cup of coffee. I am still not sure why I was able to convince her to also pause and reflect but we went inside and had some coffee and conversation. Soon the phone rang. This was before caller ID and I had (and have) a policy of trying not to ignore a live person over one on the phone BUT for some reason I answered the phone.

Phone: "Hello Mrs. Geek, this is Ms. Social Worker from the State."

AbFab: "oh"

Phone: "I wanted to tell you that Middle Geek's biological mother has had another child. He has been in the hospital for a few weeks and they think he is about healthy enough to send home. Since we like to keep sibling groups together, we wanted to first ask your family if you would consider taking him in."

AbFab: "oh oh oh!"

By now my neighbor was listening intently with me.

AbFab: "Of course, oh my God"

Phone: "Shouldn't you talk to Mr. Geek?"

AbFab: "Who? Yes of course I will tell him, he will be SOOO excited!"

Phone: "Are you sure he will agree?"

AbFab: "Agree with what? Oh. It is not much of a decision. Tell me everything!!!"

Now it just so happened that Mr. Geek was on a business trip. And he was not a meeting or conference but he was driving the length of the railroad from Ohio to Missouri stopping at various stations for inspections. This was also long enough ago that not everyone wore a phone in their pocket. (Remember those days) So it was going to be challenging to find him and tell him.

AbFab: "I will call and tell him and get his okay." (The hard part would be finding him, I knew we were completely on the same page regarding more children.)

Phone: "Okay let me know. It is possible he will come home tomorrow, the hospital was hoping he would be home for Christmas."

My neighbor and I squealed, there is no other word for it. The lists that both of us planned to complete that day before Christmas Eve were instantly forgotten.

I called Mr. Geek's secretary.

AbFab: "I was wondering if there was any way that you could get a hold of Mr. Geek BECAUSE (I talked right over her expected explanation of him on the road, uncertain schedule etc.) -- I want to tell him -- he has a new son!"

Mr. Geek's Wonderful Secretary: "Eeek!! Your kidding!! Oh My! I will find him!"

Like all great secretaries I knew that she could make it happen.

Now began the phone calls to my family, who also instantly dropped their last minute things to do before Christmas Eve. I have to give you some more background at this point. As College Geek outgrew all of his baby clothes and baby stuff, I patiently stored everything in the basement. When Middle Geek joined our family (a good story for another day), I pulled everything out and much of it was old and dated. After Middle Geek we knew we still wanted more children. We were assured by the state (that we were adopting through) that they placed older children and it was unlikely (actually they said impossible) for us to get an infant. We really thought that was great and that our next child would probably fit in the large age gap between College Geek and Middle Geek, making Middle Geek the Littlest Geek and ....- are you following this -- and so as Middle Geek outgrew equipment or clothes, I immediately gave them away or sold them.

So (have you caught on yet) it is Christmas Eve's Eve and I am getting an infant tomorrow and I have NO INFANT STUFF!

The remainder of the day is still a joyous giddy blur. My mom and sister came over. We went to several resale shops looking to rebuild the nursery. As we were shopping we were so hyper that we told everyone we met about our "Christmas present". One saleslady even threw in some toys for us to take for him.

Mr. Geek was found - his travel companion actually had a cell phone. He was so happy, he cried, right there in northern Indiana, in front of a virtual stranger (I told you I did not have to ask him if he wanted another child).

And that was the Greatest Christmas Present Ever.

I would like to thank Damama for inspiring me to get this wonderful story down in writing. (It has been repeated over and over of course.) And also her point to the Writer's Workshop which gave us the writing prompt.


CaJoh said...

Puts my gift to shame…

So glad that you got such a wonderful gift on Christmas.

Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year.

Kash said...

O.M.G. I am literally at work IN TEARS right now. That is the most amazing Christmas story ever. I cannot believe you went through all the stages of gaining a son within 24 hours! Unbelievable, and you are right, I cannot possibly imagine a better Christmas gift. Thanks for sharing that. I am still crying.

chris said...

Oh, my God, it's been so many years, I remember us running around like the crazy people we are, getting everything we thought you might need & telling everybody. That was about one of our neatest adventures, best Christmas' ever & you made me cry, remembering the day.

Kalynne Pudner said...

What a fabulous story! And just to think, if you were out running all those errands, you would have missed the call! As I've always said, gabbing over coffee trumps taking care of business, any ol' day.

Anonymous said...

As he wipes the tears of joy from his eyes. It seems like only yesturday. That Christmas AbFab and I took turns sitting and holding L. Geek. through the break. He was so small. On the day that we found out about him he had a small setback in the hospital. He came home to the Geek house on Jan 2.

Mr. Geek

Cindy said...

I'm so glad you wrote that down, that is a beautiful family story...

Cheri and Jesse said...

WOW!!! Robin, that indeed was a very special Christmas! You did an amazing job writing his "story".

OHmommy said...

Wow. THAT was the best Christmas story I have read to date. Incredible. Awesome. Amazing.

And thank you for writing it down.

American in Norway said...

What a super story! Congratulations... a Christmas baby! happy 2009!

Elizabeth said...

Awesome! You've told me this story before, but not with such good details. So I'm glad to read it again! He was a great gift, and still is. :)

Damama T said...

Why didn't I know that you have adopted kids? AMAZING STORY! I'm sitting here crying over the wonder of it. We brought MG home for good on Christmas day, too. You are right... It was the best present ever.

Thanks for the shout-out. Thanks more for sharing.