Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Where was AbFab Geek?

Oh my, I seem to have stumped everyone (not counting Cheri who does not count because she was there.)

Here's some more clues.

It is in Mississippi.

You can eat in a different buffet for every meal.

Ch-Ching, Ch-Ching, Ch-Ching, Ch-Ching.

Pay no attention to those old people, or that lady over there chain smoking and dragging her oxygen tank.

(Answer and Back Story tomorrow.)


Mean Mom said...

I read your other post and was thinking about it. I was going to come back and guess that you were in Dallas. Good thing that I didn't. I would obviously have been wildly wrong.

Well, I haven't a clue where you've been. Psychedelic ceilings??

Damama T said...

You are nothing but a big tease!... reading on now...