Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Some comments I have after voting today.

Vote! Just go vote, there is still time.

Why is the line for those with last name starting with S-Z the longest. always?

Since the line for those with last name starting with S-Z is ALWAYS the longest, why don't we change the way the line is broken down?

Shouldn't their be a frequent voter program for those of us that vote in every election, not just the president? I am thinking a proper reward would be a Fast Pass that allows you to go to the front of the line - even if your last name begins with the letter S-Z.

And last but not least..

To the person who left the graffiti written inside my voting booth (from the hand writing I am guessing a middle aged male -- just a guess), what did you hope to accomplish? Way to take an adult responsibility and reduce it to high school immaturity! Dude, go away!

What was your experience today? (or the last time you voted for those of you not in the US--Hi Mean Mom!)


Michelle O'Neil said...

My experience was a whirlwind! I thanked you on my blog for your comment.

: )

Mean Mom said...

Hi! I think that America had an excellent result, today and I can only hope that voting went the way you wanted it to.

I vote by post. It's great and there's no graffiti on the walls, either. Not now eldest son has left home, anyway. He had such bad habits. ;0)

manolosonamission.com said...

Ha, I watched live coverage on CNN on a small TV in a brothel in a desert town. I'll nver forget it. :) By the way, love the pumpkins below!