Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Goodbye Fall!

Here is a picture of my favorite tree.

Remember what it looked like in the Spring?

Now it is completely bare!

Hello Winter!


Mean Mom said...

I'm not very keen on this time of year. It seems such a long time, before the leaves come back on the trees and there are so few daylight hours. At least it was sunny, today, though!

Bina said...

Very nice picture. While I love the color of the leaves and seeing them blow around in the wind, I HATE winter!

Damama T said...

That is so pretty. I wish we had actual seasons here. All we get is leaves on the trees, then leaves on the ground. They don't ever really change color, just wither and fall. After Ike we were blessed with a second round of spring-type growth that confused the dickens out of our poor fruitless pear tree. At least Ike blew away the first round of dead'uns so we don't have to bag twice. ;o)