Sunday, June 6, 2010

Change in Plans

So I bet all of you are here looking for some exciting news of my trip to India. I can hear you now, "Why AbFab must be getting on that plane today. I wonder when she will post an update on her exciting trip."

Well unfortunately you all will have to keep waiting for that update.

In a very sad turn of events, I am not leaving for India today. Instead I am sitting in my very own living room typing out this posting. (sob)

To make a very long story short - Out of our group of eight travelers, there were three that did not get our Visas approved by the Indian government. And yes, I was on of the three without a Visa.

That means no trip to India for AbFab. At least not this trip.

I am truly hoping that I can get approval for the planned December/January trip. There is a group that is planning on returning then to supervise the building of the designed toilets. Everyone please cross your fingers.

In the meantime, the assessment trip must go on.

I transfered school supplies that I had had donated for the school we were visiting - along with coloring books and jump ropes - to the students bags.

I also gave them some of the engineering tools for the assessment - Some hand surveying equipment to determine elevations and diffusion tubes to use to measure indoor air pollution. (This will be used in households were they cook indoors on wood burning or charcoal stoves.)

There they are at the airport. I made them pose for an embarrassing picture. I had planned to make them pose in pictures all week so they got off easy.

And there they are --- walking into the airport --- without me ......


Carrie Wilson Link said...

SOB is right! I'm so sorry!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, please delete all those comments by me and leave just one. Sorry it posted so many darn times. I tried to post that comment and Blogger kept telling me it was unavailable. I have no idea why it kept reposting!