Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Answer: Keeping Busy.

The Question: So what has AbFab been doing with herself since the unexpected change in plans?

I have been determined not to sit around and mope this week thinking about all I am missing in India. I just had on lapse when Cory sent me a short email (that's all they have been able to do. There is no WiFi and just one computer. When it rains, the electricity goes out.) Anyway he mentioned that the students had asked the engineers to teach - or perform- a song or dance. Cory was hoping they would forget. He did get away without singing, but he told me he go video of Kate and Theresa teaching the students the Macarena. Oh what I would have given to be a part...

But enough.

Last week I was an incredibly lucky winner on Houseparty . I won all of the equipment to do your own canning. The package arrived and it had a large canning pot and all the equipment. They sent me four coupons for free cases of canning jars, fruit pectin, lots of other coupons to hand out, reusable canvas bags. It even had a large flip chart to walk you through the steps of canning. There were also recipes for salsa and pepper jelly.

The idea of these parties is that the manufacturer send you the makings of a party and informally you and your friends try out the new products.

I had never canned before but I love to cook and try new things so this seemed like lots of fun. I decided to make the salsa - I have some frozen tomatoes from last season that needed to be used and some fresh cilantro in the garden. I did not want to make the pepper jelly because while I like it, I wasn't sure that it would be enjoyed by the majority. Instead I went through the recipe book (also supplied) and picked out Strawberry Jam.

So I canned 24 small jars of Strawberry Jam, 16 slightly larger jars of salsa, and because there were three larger jars included decided to try pickles.

The verdict. The Strawberry Jam was awesome and a big hit. The salsa was good but I think needed more salt. And the pickles, oh my the pickles were the best ever. I had some small seedless cucumbers from CostCo. I cut them into wedges and chose the easiest recipe of vinegar and salt and sugar. Then I added one chipotle pepper. I processed the pickles for 15 minutes. The next day I put one jar in the refrigerator because the College Geek and I could not wait (He is a pickle pig.) They were only the BEST PICKLES EVER.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Um. If I won stuff to do my own canning, I would NOT call myself lucky!

Spinning Ninny said...

That's awesome. I have wanted to start canning, but feel overwhelmed by acquiring the equipment and jars and such. :) That's awesome that you won it. Enjoy it!