Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Summer Trip

Because I just happen to have my schedule clear for this week and next (ahem). I remembered that the Middle School Mission Trip was scheduled during the same week.

So I decided to be - that person. You know, the one that calls last minute and says, "Hey I know the sign up for this event is long past, and you have been working hard finalizing your plans, but you know I just happen to be free now and so, can I join you?"

And if that wasn't enough....

"Also the Middle Geek, whom I will be bringing, will not be back in town until later on Sunday, so I will drive us down separate. We will be a bit late, oh that mandatory parent meeting, I will probably miss that, and what is the menu, because my child can't eat anything."

I don't understand why the Youth Misister was not just THRILLED.

But some things are meant to be. So tomorrow the Middle Geek and I will be headed for a week at Work Camp. I will take lots of pics.

And I am trading in a trip to Southern India for one to Southern Missouri.

1 comment:

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Um. Good trade?

You'll rock Southern Missouri!