Monday, November 16, 2009

10 Random Things

This was in my Draft box. I am not sure where I borrowed it from.

1. Your favorite bev
erage: Coffee, Coffee, Coffee. When planning my trip to Haiti, I first packed coffee.

2. Your hometown:

3. Your favorite television show: The Amazing Race

Yes, that is the host Phil Keoghan wi
th Mr. Geek.

4. Your occupation/you are in school for:

5. Your first car: The first car that I drove was my Dad's Chevy Monza.

The First car that I owned was a 1984 Plymouth Colt.

6. Your favorite dish: Any thing made on Top Chef. (Hey I can dream, can't I?)

7. Celebrity you've been told you resemble: Leelee Sobieski - but only when she has a geeky role like the one in Never Been Kissed.

8. Celebrity on your "to do" list: Chef Robert Irvine I was so happy that the Food Network hired him back for Dinner Impossible.

9. Your favorite childhood toy: Stuffed Animals. I owned lots and lots. Each one had a name, a birthday, and a personality. I had them all enrolled in school where I was the one-room schoolhouse teacher.

10. Any random picture


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. I really like #3.

Mr. Geek

Damama T said...

We love all those cooking shows, too. Some of the stuff they come up with is scary, though! LOL! Chopped is especially... ummm... odd?