Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Memorable Thanksgiving

This week's writing prompt from MamaKat is:

A Thanksgiving to be remembered...

(inspired via Twitter by @knitmyrhino from Crafting With Rhinos)

I can not remember any on particular Thanksgiving but for some reason there is one Thanksgiving scene that is vivid in my memory. Why with all of the memories in my head this one scene stick out? Was it tragic? Was it touching? Wait for it....

First I have to set the scene.

We always had Thanksgiving dinner at my Grandma's house. My Grandma's house was not very big, maybe 900 square foot with a galley kitchen. My Grandfather at some point had added an extra room of the kitchen that we called the Breezeway (yes with a capital B). This was before such inconveniences as Building Codes and Regulations.

The grownup all sat in the Dining Room (also with a capitol D). The point at which you moved from the kid's table in the Breezeway to the grownup table in the Dining room was a decision loaded with controversy. You see it depended on much more than just your age. It really depended more on how much room there was at the adult table. After counting heads and comparing that number to the amount of room at the table, my Grandma then looked for a natural break in age. For example, my two older sisters are 18 months apart, so they would always be seated together. This had some logic behind it but as you can expect it was met with some arguments like - How come Linda got to sit at the grownup table at 14 and I had to wait until I was 16?

Me? I was always content to sit at the kids table. I fell in the middle of a pack of cousins, all two years apart. My cousin Lisa was two years younger than me and my playmate for most of my life. Her brother Mark was two years older and lots of fun when he wasn't teasing me until I cried. Then there was my brother, whom at this point in my life, I tolerated.

The adults were talking and laughing and completely oblivious to anything that was going on just several feet away in the Breezeway. Left to ourselves we came up with our own entertainment.

And the one memory I hold after all these years? Are you ready for it? My cousins and I spent time learning to swallow peas and corn whole. And the stakes got higher eat round. Could you swallow one peas and two kernels of corn? For the record, I was not the best at it because I had a pretty big fear of choking. If I remember correctly (and I doubt very much that I do) the boys ruled this challenge and my cousin Lisa and I claimed moral superiority such like - "What kind of idiot would want to swallow their food without chewing it?"

What do you remember about Thanksgiving?


Jennifer@sissyandsassy said...

At my house, the adults' table was always more fun because, inevitably, there would be an airing of the grievances. Always good entertainment and drama to be had with the adults in my family! :)

Emmy said...

Great post. We rarely had a kids table and adult table, but the few years we did I hated being stuck at the kids table. I always wanted to know what all of the grownups were talking about.
Stopping by from Mama Kat's

Carrie Wilson Link said...

I love this! I can see the whole thing! Love the Breezeway!

AmyLK said...

A wonderful memory. I always sat at the kids table!

Maggie May said...

There was only ever the four of us so plenty of space to eat together in our family.
Bet you got indigestion! Bet you are good at swallowing pills after all that practise on peas though.

Nuts in May

Damama T said...

I quit going to my family gatherings because I STILL get stuck at the kids' table! Well, that's a lie. Actually that's the only reason I still WANT to go! LOL! (but not a good enough one to get me to actually attend!)

Isn't it funny what sticks in our minds... Glad you didn't risk it and end up choking cuz there's no AbFabber Geek in the world!