Friday, December 4, 2009

A favorite Song from 7th Grade

Verse by verse, dissect a favorite song you had in 7th grade.

I had trouble narrowing this one down. I remember so many songs that I played over and over and over and over..... I am going to try to pick one from my first two albums (When I entered Junior High, I became too mature to buy 45's) - John Denver Greatest Hits and Elton John Greatest Hits.

When I looked through the list of songs online the one that resonated with my 12 year old heart was Follow Me by John Denver. Oh the angst that I went through wondering if I would ever meet my soul mate, my one true love, my all-that. sigh

Does any one out there remember it?

I can't decide if it is wildly romantic or just a bit creepy.

It's by far the hardest thing I've ever done

To be so in love with you and so alone

(Do you hear that - He loves ME!!)

Follow me where I go, what I do and who I know

Make it part of you to be a part of me

Follow me up and down, all the way and all around

Take my hand and say you'll follow me

(If you love me so much, why don't you follow me?)

It's long been on my mind, you know it's been a long, long time

I'll try to find the way that I can make you understand

The way I feel about you and just how much I need you

To be there where I can talk to you when there's no one else around

(Now you are talking, remember you NEED ME!!)


You see, I'd like to share my life with you and show you things I've seen

Places that I'm going to, places where I've been

To have you there beside me and never be alone

And all the time that you're with me, we will be at home

(Yes, yes, YES, let's travel and see the world together.)

{As refrain}

Follow me where I go, what I do and who I know

Make it part of you to be a part of me

Follow me up and down, all the way

Take my hand and I will follow you

(Do you see why I love this song? He will follow me, just as it should be.)


Carrie Wilson Link said...

You took me STRAIGHT back to where I lived!

Damama T said...

I loved John Denver for so many reasons. He actually got popular when I was in HS, though. My 7th grade crush was Davy Jones and The Monkees. He actually sang to me at a concert. Came off the stage and knelt down beside me sitting there in shock, 2nd row, center stage. My cousin was so mad because she'd changed seats with me cuz she didn't WANT to sit on the aisle. HA HA on her for always having to have her way! LOL!