Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mexico - The Trip Home

I can't believe I haven't finished blogging about this trip. I bet anymore who is still visiting here is bored stiff. Well let me wrap this up.

We spent one day just relaxing on the beach. I love the beach!! (I often state that God put me smack dab in the Midwest, because if I was too close to the beach I would just sit there all day.... staring at the waves..... listening to the surf....feeling the warm sand....well, you get the picture.)

The drive home was just as long - imagine that. Imagine our delight (okay it was my delight, but everyone was delighted that I was delighted) when one on the Rest Areas that we pulled into for lunch was named -- Safety Rest Area!!

Yes I did have to take a picture.

Spending two days in a van makes exercise sound like fun!

To sum up, I am very glad that I went on this trip. I met some very interesting people. I also was able to challenge myself physically and was proud of my ability to keep going. I cannot wait until I can get back into the field. I am already ready for another trip!!


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Sounds amazing all the way around!

Elizabeth said...

I left a little gift for you at my blog!