Thursday, July 9, 2009

Whip it Up 2009 - Chocolate Pudding

What do you do when you are hungry for chocolate pudding and there are no mixes in the house? You turn to Google of course! We scanned through a few recipes and found this one .

It was a recipe for a crowd though and although the Geek household feels more crowded with everyone home on summer vacation, I did not think we needed that much. I cut the recipe down by a third and only tweaked it a little.

Chocolate Pudding for a Geek

1/4 c. cocoa powder

1/2 c. sugar

pinch salt (at least 1/4 teaspoon)

1/6 c. cornstarch (we used the 1/3 cup, guesstimated about half full and then threw in a pinch more.)

2 c. rice milk (we used Trader Joe's brand)

1 tsp vanilla extract (I never measure this I just throw it in.)

a small chunk of Giardhellis unsweetened chocolate (maybe 1/4 ounce)

Combine all ingredients except vanilla in a large pot, until blended thoroughly. Heat over medium-high heat until it comes to the boil. Reduce heat to low and cook for 2 minutes, stirring constantly. Remove from heat, stir in chocolate chunk and vanilla. Pour into serving bowls and refrigerate. Makes six small servings.
Was the recipe easy to follow?
Very easy, the Middle Geek measured most of it.
Did the dish taste good?
Thumbs up for a creamy rich pudding.
Would you make it again?
We may never go back to box mixes again!!

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