Sunday, August 3, 2008

Menu Plan Monday


Monday - Portobella Burgers - Rescheduled Swim Party - There will be hot dogs for the kids.

Tuesday - Horseback riding

Wednesday - Kickin' Dirty Rice -We have to pick up Middle Geek's school schedule.

Thursday- Chicken with Orange Couscous (I will use Quinoa instead of couscous) , Middle geek has his first visit with his new reading tutor and the Littlest Geek is starting Piano again.

Friday - Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Weekend - Southern Stir Fry (I will make this with chicken instead of pork.)

What Really Happened Last Week

Monday - The last Swim meet of the Summer! I made Beef Burgundy in the crockpot. This was really really good but way too heavy of a meal for a hot night. I think this should be just on the winter menus.

Tuesday - Horseback Riding for the boys they ate McDonalds. I went out with my two AbFab friends to see Mama Mia. (WONDERFUL!!) and then we went out to eat. Review to follow.

Wednesday - Swim Team Party was canceled because of Rain, I had Band Practice - I just could not cook that night, I am not sure why but I had a complete brain freeze of ideas. So the family went out to eat, All the Geek family went except for College Geek who was out of town. We do not eat out much as a family so this was a real treat and lots of fun.

Thursday - I was going to make the Thai Chicken that was on the menu but I decided instead to remake the Red Curry Chicken

Friday - I had dinner alone. (What? It was very weird.) I had picked up some irregular sliced bacon (hopefully the slices were irregular and not the bacon) during my travels last week to the Swiss Meat and Sausage Company . I combined that with one huge home grown tomato, add mayo and plenty of salt on toast -- mmmmmm. (Wait I just need a minute----okay I am back.)

Saturday - Beef Skewers with Pineapple Jalapeno Sauce -- College Geek was home and asked if I would please make him a home cooked meal. Was this the same kid that when he was HighSchool Geek used to look at the dinner and and plead "Why can't we eat normal food like everyone else?" I even asked "what do you think is normal food?" He said, "Pizza, chicken nuggets." Apparently after a year of eating what everybody else eats for a year at college and he began to appreciate (his words) "food with taste".

Sunday - Dinner out with friends - OMG that make three dinners out this week, but part of the join of having the College Geek home, is that Mr. Geek and I can continue our tradition of Sunday night dinner dates.


Jules said...

When you wrote "2. Horseback riding"
I thought "and for dinner....... the horse?"
Nice to see you found an alternative. LOL

And good to see that college Geek is learning the benefits of a good education, and that the best stuff comes from Mom, right?

Of course, whenever I come across food posts I seem to get voraciously hungry....... so I'm off to raid the fridge.

Angela Williams Duea said...

You're making me so hungry...that buffalo wrap sounds great. Do you use buffalo?

Robin said...

You guys crack me up!

My family thinks we eat weird food anyway, and now you have us eating horse and buffalo. (Okay we have eaten buffalo, but NOT horse!)